I don’t know much about relationships. I definitely don’t know anything about love. All I want, like, in the world is to just keep talking to you. I want to know how your day was, where you wanna eat and I want to argue with you. And I want to hear all you theories, even the ones that are just completely, you know, wrong. And I know it’s not that simple. I just think— No, I really believe that if you just… If you’ll just be willing to continue having this conversation with me then we could figure the rest out.
The First Time (via wouldnt-change-anything)




I need feminism; because the bra straps of a twelve year old shouldn’t make a 40 year old married principal with two daughters “uncomfortable”

So am I allowed to walk around adult women who are mothers and grandmothers at work with my cock out or what

in what world is someone’s dick equivalent to a fucking bra strap